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Hello! My name is Cliff Daniel. Is your vehicle a work of Art? Then let me turn it into artwork!

My focus is fine Automotive Art created using pen and ink stippling. Stippling is a method of creating shading and form using many small dots. This is a vanishing art form that is unlike any other. See the "Webster" definition Below...........

Stip.ple (stip 'l) vt. -pled, -pling [Du. stippelen < stippel, a speckle, dim. of stip, a point, akin to stippen, to prick : for IE. base see STIFF] 1. to paint, draw, engrave, or apply in small points or dots rather than lines or solid areas 2. to cover or mark with dots; fleck ----n.  1.  a ) the art or method of painting, drawing, or engraving in dots  b ) the effect produced by this, or an effect, as in nature, resembling it  2. stippled work ----stippler n.

Do you have have a vehicle that is you pride and joy? Have you spent many long hours and countless dollars making the "perfect machine"? Let me immortalize it for you!

Be it a Car, Truck, 4x4, Boat, Motorcycle, Airplane or Train. I can capture it in all its glory as a piece of fine art, suitable for hanging in any Office or Family room. I can work from just about any picture. But I prefer a good, in focus and well lit 35mm photo. Color or black & white.

I also have prints of previous works available, matted or matted with a frame in various sizes.

Click on the images below to see some samples.

About the Artist............. 

Other Gearhead Afflictions............. 


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Prints are available of the vehicles shown below, click on one to see a larger example.

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In addition to Original stippling portraits of your vehicle, I can also provide the following services:

Cartooning  Sample.......

Logos   Sample.......

Custom Matting & Framing

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  For inquiries on available and original art

Send a message here...

Or call

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